inWeb is a Modular Ecommerce Platform (MEP)

that integrates automatically with more than 10 different ERPs, most of existing payment gateways and the main generic marketplaces.
If you aim to manage your e-commerce platform from the ERP and significantly reduce the time and resources allocated to administrative tasks, this is the solution you are looking for.

inLogys is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

that communicates directly with your ERP, allowing the register and control of all warehouse processes in real time and in loco. Keep up to the processes velocity is a real challenge to any logistics manager. This solution allows you to take control of the logistic operation and access to metrics in real time.

inFactory is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

that increases the productivity and control of the of the processes in your factory. Get information about your production line expeditiously, control the time in each process, know exactly how many pieces are finished in which moment. With inFactory you can register quality survey on site.

inSales is a Sales Force Automation (SFA)

that fully integrates with your ERP allowing you to show your product profile, check stocks and prices, place orders and receipts, register visits to costumers and get access to CRM information both on and offline.
Manage your costumers information as if you’re at the office, increase sales, reduce costs and improve costumers experience.

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